Head of Finance (Female)

For one of his clients, Alba Punesim has begun the process of selection of candidates for the position of: 

Head of  Finance (Female)

- Basic functions and purpose RESPONSIBILITY:

To control and to manage the company's accounting system, for the realization of objectives for performance of the company according imposed by the direction of top management.

- Key Responsibilities:
• Control all the company's accounting system, to conform to IFRS's.
• Control all actions alpha accounting system, to be conform to standard
• Registration of banking statemant within certain deadlines, preparation of relevant documentation attached diary sending MJ once a week for signature.
• Reconciliation suppliers, making payments within indefinitely in supply contracts.
• daily control of bank deposits and payments, cash reporting daily movements to the MoJ.
• Control of calculating VAT and customs takes on outside supplies.
• Reports on-line book purchase / sale, FDP-declaration of VAT, Sig & husband & joy. , Regional Tax Directorate under-ve deadline specified in the applicable law.
• Closing balance for submission to the tax authorities and its submission before the deadline with the support of the accounting expert.
• responsibility for any violation recklessly in the documentation by the failure of the right legislation in place.
• tracking of payments and financial obligations to the state institutions.
• Prepare and compile annual financial budget, taking into consideration the budgets prepared by departmental managers.
• Monitoring and keeping under control the budget expenditures to do this deviance.
• Prepares within the 10th of the next month and monthly cash flow for the implementation of rmiratimin mer MD.
• Prepares financial statements, balance sheet, P & L, cash flow, capital movement, related parties according to the format and deadline-ve defined by the MoJ

Education requirements:

 High School Diploma
 Technical Diploma Degree Bachelor
 Master Degree

Qualifications, skills, knowledge:
• Must have graduated in the university of Ecomics.
• Must have over 5 years experience in finance.
• Must  know very well the fiscal legislation.
• Need to recognize the International Accounting Standards
• Must have very good skills in financial programs as well as Microsoft Office.
• To have a good knowledge of English language
• Must have excellent negotiation skills and communication


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