Job-seeker services

Job-seekers! What can we do for you?

We will do everything possible for you to find the ideal job.

Your relationship with our agency makes you have a secure future in the job market ... We appreciate your trust that you have applied to our agency.

We are open and welcome your inquiries for all types of positions, thereby assessing all job positions, from the simplest to the most decision-making.

We work maximally to provide job offers from companies within the country and abroad working positions. We make all the positions public only after signing a regular contract with the jobseeker.

We treat everyone as partners and help you to find work in a professional and appropriate confidentiality.

■ We contact potential candidates in order to check their availability and interest to be part of the recruitment process.

■ We do not offer our clients (companies) any information about candidates without your consent.

■ For each job position, we select only candidates with the appropriate data on the nature and requirements of the position, thus increasing your chances of selection.

■ You will be informed for every step of the selection process.

■ We are flexible, coordinating with you for interviews and testing schedules.

■ We are careful not to touch your professional and personal integrity, to verify your documents.

■ We treat equally all the candidates and give them equal opportunities.