Training (2)

We organize various trainigs to help various individuals and companies to raise the proffesional level of their employees.

Through this training is aimed improving customer service and communication in labor relations.

We try to train your staff on control techniques and improve behavior in conversation, negotiation and argumentation techniques.

Our goal is to help in the daily work and not just theoretical knowledge transmission. Therefore, we organize training so that each theoretical chapter in the end will be accompanied with exercises and case resolution.

According to European standards, the ability to communicate well is considered the same as other professional skills.

Some of the main topics of the training are:

• To refer effectively

• The negotiate, to discuss and argue

• successful sales speaking

• Organize and implement successful projects

• optimal use of working time

• To solve a problem, to develop ideas

• competent decisions, responsible actions

• Developing and leading successful teams.

• conflict resolution group

• Marketing for export, etc.

We also organize training respecting your ideas and needs.

Believe us the training of your staff and we guarantee you success in your professional development.