Marketing Director (Female)

For one of his clients, Alba Punesim has begun the process of selection of candidates for the position of: 

Marketing Director (Female)

Main responsibilities:

• Planning and implementation of the marketing strategy in line with the strategy and business objectives to detailed action plans;
• Develop market research and keep up to date market data;
• Development and monitoring of an annual marketing plan that details activities for the year corresponding to the agreed business objectives;
• Development of annual marketing budget, and it’s realization;;
• Representation of the company at various events and media;
• Management of social media channels of the company;
• Prepare market analysis, competition, pricing, advertising elements and presents it to the board of directors;
• Prepare media - plan to market as much branding company;
• Searching and finding efficient solutions of all possible ways to make marketing;
• Monitoring the implementation of marketing activities within budget and to the required quality;
• Organizing continuous promotions used as strategy and organization of seasonal activities;
• Responsible for reviewing the contents of the company's website and ensure that all information in it are updated;
• Conduct market research to identify market requirements and future actual;
• Defines tasks and responsibilities to staff in dependency and control the implementation of tasks within the deadline;
• Follows and manages the development staff that depending on and evaluates the performance;
• Identify training needs, as well as participates in the recruitment of staff dependent;
• Reporting to company executives for potential new products and services, specific developments, information collected in the field, etc. competition activities;

Profile requirements:

• University degree in Marketing or Business Administration;
• To have over 3 years of working experience in the related fields;
• Ability communication and cooperation with the rest of the staff;
• To be / reliable;
• Communicate effectively with other departments, customers or any other party;
• To be the impetus towards innovation (ideas, management techniques, promotion techniques);
• To cooperate for solving problems;
• To know very well foreign languages
English and Italian;
• Maintain professional relationships that match the values
and orientation of society itself;
• To recognize very well the basic Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, Power Point);


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