CV & Cover Letter Preparation

CV & Cover Letter are also marketing tools and your first introduction to the employer. Not always a CV & Cover Letter prepared for an employer may be appropriate for another employer.

To enable you to increase your chances that the interviewer will appreciate your CV, we will help you to first know well the requirements of the interviewer and adapt better your skills with its requirements.

To achieve this, we study the activity of the company and what are the current challenges facing the company.

Otherwise your CV may be completed in a drawer and not take chances appropriate for evaluation.

In general, a formal CV is unlikely to be well-received by some companies because each company has its own profile.

CV adaptation requirements and the language used by the company is also important. You should know that will quickly adjust to the culture of the company.

Cover Letter is also an important part of the application even though most candidates spend less time for preparation.

A recruiter that has dozens of CVs in mind, can differentiate you from others just by reading a Cover Letter that will create a positive impression. Spelling and grammar are very important in the design of a CV & Cover Letter. No one would take seriously a candidate who makes spelling mistakes. It is therefore important to check the CV & Cover Letter, before they are sent.

The exact structure is very important.

It should not be strictly chronological placement of recent works on top, but can be adjusted by putting the top most important experience that most closely matches the profile of the company in which you are applying. Increased competition for jobs and job search difficulties may encourage more candidates to "adorn" their CV.

Caution! Recruiters are not blind to this.

We note that CV & Cover Letter is your passport to the interview, during which you must be ready to answer questions about any fact that is included in your CV. Any exaggeration jeopardizes the candidate himself.

It is in your interest to gain a job that fits your skills and interests, in order to be a credible candidate and successful when employed.

Entrust preparing CV & Cover letter to our staff, thereby increasing your chances for employment ....

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