Civil Engineer in Albania

For one of his clients , a construction company leading the implementation of an European project, Alba Punesim has begun the process of selection of candidates for the position of :

Civil Engineer in Albania 


• Civil engineer undertakes technical and feasibility studies including field investigations
• Civil engineer uses a range of computer knowledge to design and develop construction projects

•Civil engineer establishes connections with diverse clients including professionals of his / her fields and also architects and subcontractors.
• Arranges the budget management for project resources
• Civil engineer ensures that the project is in accordance with legal requirements
• Civil engineer pays particular importance for the environmental sustainability from the implementation of projects by ensuring that projects run normally and the relevant structures have been completed within the fixed budget and deadline.



-Completed studies in Construction Engineering

-Minimum 3 years’ experience in implementation
- At least 2 years’ experience in residential buildings
- Foreign languages, English very good level (preferably a second EU language)
- Computer knowledge: Microsoft Office, Auto Cad, Professional Programs


They refer to a group of qualities and qualifications that the employee must have to be considered as a potential candidate for the respective working position. A Civil Engineer shall enjoy the following skills:
• Excellent communication and negotiation
• Ability to perform a variety of tasks in the field without the supervision of superiors
• Excellent to create and maintain correct and daily communication with the administrator and supervisors
• Excellent use of mail
• Versatility, maximum efficiency, attentive to details, professionalism
• Ability to perform several procedures simultaneously
• Ability to think methodically, to design, plan and manage projects
• Ability to maintain a complete overview of the project including technical details
• Negotiating skills, supervisory and leadership combined with the ability to delegate tasks


The candidates interested are welcomed to apply at our email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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